Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 3, Updated Sandow Trophy

max outt sandow trophy

Max Outt, the Arrogant Personal Trainer, stood amidst the picturesque surroundings of Malibu, California, basking in the glow of the setting sun. He had concocted a plan, a way to mock those bodybuilders he deemed to be aesthetically challenged. With a wicked grin and a touch of sarcasm, he introduced the world to his latest creation – the updated Mr. Olympia Sandow trophy.

“Max Outt Here!” he proclaimed, as he unveiled his unique take on the iconic trophy. It was evident from the start that this was not your typical celebration of bodybuilding excellence. No, this trophy was crafted with a particular message in mind.

In Max’s view, modern supplement usage had pushed bodybuilding into uncharted territories, and the traditional Sandow trophy simply would not do. Instead, he presented a trophy that was nothing short of an insult to those bodybuilders whose aesthetics didn’t meet his exacting standards.

The trophy was a reflection of the extreme measures some bodybuilders took in their relentless pursuit of size and mass. Disproportionate and almost grotesque, it featured thighs with circumferences akin to garbage can lids, hindquarters that resembled those of a massive, hulking bull, and waistlines that ballooned to an astounding 50 inches, all while purportedly maintaining a mere 2% body fat.

The message Max Outt conveyed with this trophy was clear – a mocking tribute to those who had embraced steroids, growth hormones, synthol, and insulin in their quest for size at any cost. He used sarcasm as a potent tool to drive home his point, highlighting the absurdity of the new standards in the world of bodybuilding.

Max knew that his proposed trophy was an affront to the conventional ideals of aesthetics and proportion in bodybuilding. The massive thighs were comically out of proportion with the mere 16-inch calves, and the distended waistline was, by all accounts, a grotesque exaggeration. To Max Outt, it was a reflection of a sport that had lost sight of its aesthetic roots.

But in his usual audacious manner, Max Outt had a retort ready for those who might question his views. He dismissed any criticism by labeling the dissenters as haters, driven by envy and unable to appreciate the progress and innovation in modern bodybuilding.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Max Outt’s updated Mr. Olympia Sandow trophy stood as a testament to his unique perspective and biting sarcasm. It was a trophy that served as a challenge to the conventional norms of bodybuilding aesthetics, a reminder that the sport had indeed evolved – but not always in the way its traditionalists might have hoped. Max Outt had made his point, and whether the world was ready to embrace his vision or not, one thing was clear: he had made an unforgettable statement.


Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 3, Updated Sandow Trophy

Max Outt Here! Enjoying a sunset in beautiful Malibu, California and introducing the updated Mr. Olympia Sandow trophy. Due to modern supplement usage, bodybuilding has advanced in the past few decades and the trophy needs to reflect those advancements. Thighs the circumference of garbage can lids, cattle-like hind quarters, and 50 inch landfill size waistlines at 2% body fat are the new standard. Today’s champion’s 40 inch thighs, which reduce his a gait to a powerful waddle, have written a check his synthol ridden 16 inch calves can’t possibly cash. Don’t worry, calves no longer matter and anyone that views today’s bodybuilding marvels as aesthetically challenged aberrations is clearly a hater and riddled with envy.
I’ll see you at the Mr. Olympia but for now I want you to watch this video again and again, post it on forums, and subscribe to this Youtube channel. Now! Max Outt!


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