Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 1, Steroids

max outt steroid episode

Max Outt’s Message on Steroids

In his first ever Youtube appearance, Max Outt is concerned that the few who might never have seen him before may automatically assume, based on his extreme development and conditioning, that his body was built with steroids. After assuring the audience, Max Outt leaves his fans with a triceps exercise they can do without any equipment. Fans are then treated to his signature “Max Outt!” sign off which became a mainstay in the episodes.

The video:

Max Outt Episode 1 Transcript, STEROIDS


anti steroids
Max Outt says no to steroids.

To the few that don’t already know me, I want to introduce myself and if I have any time left I’ll leave you with an exercise you can do any time behind your computer.

I’m seen as the leader in the fitness and bodybuilding community but those that are unfamiliar with me are going to look at me and the first thing you’re going to think is that I’m on some kind of steroid regimen.You’ve come to that conclusion simply based on the level of my conditioning. Its a shame because you’re not going to listen to one word I say because you look at me as some kind of chemically enhanced, therefore unattainable, physique.

Max Outt stresses proper form when training triceps.

Get ready. This is where I blow your mind. I do not take steroids. Am I saying you’ll be able to look like me by training hard and eating right? Probably not. Genetically. I’m an extreme. I respond to training and diet better than the overwhelming majority of the population. With my guidance can you be the best that you possibly can be? I’m the top personal trainer in Southern California so you know I deliver results.

Oh yeah, I owe you an exercise. There’s not a day that goes by that half a dozen people don’t ask me what I do for my arms. You’re in for a real treat. What I’m about to show you works all three heads of the triceps.


Yeaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! That’s, that’s one of my favorites but don’t expect to look like me overnight.

Until next time, Max Out!!!




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