Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 15, Food Smacking

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Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 15, Food Smacking

I can’t tell you how many times a frustrated Max Outt has witnessed a non fitness industry civilian devouring food items that contribute to their caloric intake so excessively that it could potentially result in shameful fat tissue accumulation. This may seem drastic but smacking the food or beverage out of a consumer’s chow stuffed hands saves lives. Some people are so close minded that they initially get the wrong idea and totally misperceive me as being confrontational. They have no idea that I’m actually empowering them. Once I explain caloric science, basal metabolic rates, food theory, macrobiotic recipes, thermal dynamics, and core training, they inevitably agree with my point of view and end up apologizing. I don’t want to come across as self-important or arrogant but there really is no higher honor than to have me, Max Outt, smack foot out of your hands. It shows that I’m at least aware enough of your presence to make you a better person. Max Outt!

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