Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 11, Lion King

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Max Outt, Arrogant Personal Trainer, Episode 11, Lion King

Max Outt here, George Clooney look alike and Playboy mansion regular, at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park’s lion exhibit. See all these other zoo goers, they’d be scared senseless if these lions weren’t behind barriers. As for the lions, take away the barriers and they’d be scared of me. An understandable phenomenon takes place every time I come to the zoo. Until these lions become aware of my presence, Makimba, the large male lion, is the leader of the pride. As you can clearly see, the role of pride leader quickly shifts to me as soon as the lions get up to speed. Makimba is now number two in the pride, my underling. He’d now have to do battle with me to become number one again, but he’s not crazy. The zoo’s human visitors sense my leadership as well and they’re a little on edge themselves. Now, understand that when I’m out of eyesight of Makimba and he can no longer sense me, only then will he regain pride leadership, with my blessing, of course. However, he’ll be uneasy because he knows I can easily re-assume pride leadership at any time at my discretion. Lion King, Max Outt.


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